Family Introduction – Who are we?

Welcome to our little space on the web to share our adventures with you! So, here’s our family introduction on who you’ll see mentioned regularly!


First up there’s Katherine who grew up in the North-west of England. I went to University in Leeds then when looking at graduate schemes I came across the Disney Cultural Representative Program (CRP). So I packed up to go live in Florida for a year! I chose to do food and beverage, which meant I worked around the Rose and Crown in the UK pavilion in EPCOT.


Jack grew up in Birmingham and went to University in Cardiff. He did a college program working at the Coral Reef restaurant in EPCOT in one of his summer holidays. But this shorter program didn’t cure his fix! So he applied for the CRP the following summer and that’s where we met.

Fast forward a year of having the same days off, so would normally go out and take advantage of our Disney main gate passes and Universal Annual passes! Before we knew it we were coming home and living between Birmingham and Lancaster.

That was over 9 years ago (time flies when you’re having fun eh?) and a lot has happened in the meantime! We got engaged (at WDW of course), bought a house, got married and had an amazing honeymoon! After a few more adventures started the biggest one of all – Parenthood! Noah made his appearance smack bang in the middle of a pandemic!


Noah’s the cheekiest little chappy you’ll meet! He’s a blonde blue eyed gorgeous little boy who’s always full of grins! He is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face he meets! With two parents who met at Disney, he’s got no option but to be a Disney baby! But he’s also been very lucky to go on a Disney cruise, visit Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World all before he’s turned 3! But when your parents love adventures as much we do, we’ll work hard to make sure we get to share these experiences with him!

So, there’s our family introduction! We’re only just at the beginning and cant wait for more adventures!

Katherine, Jack & Noah xxx

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Picture of smiling family of three in front of the Disneyland Paris castle. Who are we? Man on the left with sunglasses on head, little boy in the middle with a red mickey mouse hat on and smiling lady on the right wearing pink sequined mickey ears