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Day Trip to Blackpool Illuminations

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Nestled on the Fylde Coast, the seaside resort of Blackpool, is renowned for its world-famous illuminations season. Transforming the town into a breath-taking spectacle of lights. A day trips to Blackpool Illuminations to witness this awesome display is the perfect way to break the winter hibernation and experience the magic of the United Kingdom’s greatest free light show. When you’ve looked at our earlier posts you’ll see that we love the illuminations here!

As you embark on this illuminating adventure, your timings are crucial. Check out here for the timings of the switch on here, the later on in the season the earlier you’ll find the lights on. Also keep an eye on the latest news for other complimentary events. Upon arrival at Blackpool, cruise along the North Promenade, providing ample time to marvel at miles of traditional festoons and strings of lights adorning the structure of buildings. The Golden Mile, with its iconic lamp posts and the famous tower, is a prime location for witnessing this dazzling display of lights.

Make sure to include Winter Gardens, Lord Street, and St. Annes! They each offer a unique kind of light display. The luminous detail, powered by a combination of light bulbs, fibre optics, and artificial sunshine, transforms the town into a breath-taking wonderland.

After your illuminations drive, enjoy some free time exploring the town centre of this seaside resort. Whether you opt for pleasure beach rides or a stroll along the seafront, Blackpool offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment. Traditional shops and local attractions, like the observation deck overlooking the Irish Sea or the Blackpool Tower, ensure that your day is filled with unforgettable experiences.

For a hassle-free experience, consider booking an organised coach trip. Where they’ll take care of all the driving and you can focus on the lights!


In the heart of the illuminations season, a day trips to Blackpool illuminations offers a perfect escape. Witness the world-famous lights, explore the seaside resort’s attractions, and enjoy an evening meal before your homeward journey. This short break day trip promises a fantastic blend of culture, entertainment, and the magic of the Blackpool Illuminations. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this luminous adventure!

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