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Best Rides to Fastpass at Animal Kingdom

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened April 22nd 1998 and is a fantastic place where adventure, nature, and imagination come together. Known for its iconic Tree of Life, with its beautiful landscapes, captivating shows, and thrilling attractions. It’s no wonder that Animal Kingdom has become one of the most popular theme parks in Orlando. To make the most of your visit, utilizing the Fastpass system is essential to make sure you get to ride the best Animal Kingdom rides and beat the long lines! In this blog post, we will reveal the top rides at Animal Kingdom that you should prioritize when selecting your Fastpasses for Genie+. So let’s get ready for an unforgettable journey!

First up, look at your party and decide your priorities

If you look here you’ll see that our party is now made up of 2 adults and a toddler. But we’ve done plenty of adult only trips to the Disney parks aswell. So we’ve combined both areas of this knowledge to share with you! So open up your My Disney Experience account and lets start using Genie+ to make sure you’re making the best use of your time. And enjoy all the most popular attractions at Animal Kingdom and have a great time! 

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Best Rides to Fastpass at Animal Kingdom

1) Avatar Flight of Passage (44in / 112cm)

Step into the mesmerizing world of Pandora, inspired by James Cameron’s film “Avatar.” Avatar Flight of Passage is undoubtedly one of the most popular rides at Animal Kingdom. This ground breaking attraction allows you to experience the thrill of riding on the back of a banshee! Soaring through the breath taking landscapes of Pandora. But due to its immense popularity, the wait times for this ride can be lengthy! This makes it an excellent choice for a Genie+ reservation. You’ll find that a lot of people race to this ride at rope drop as its one of the best attractions! So, if you’re entitled to early entry its a good option to head there first. This may avoid a long wait time if you aren’t able to get a fast pass. 

2) Kilimanjaro Safaris (Any height)

This ride is incredibly popular with the whole family due to it having no height restriction. Embark on an African safari like no other right in the heart of Animal Kingdom. Kilimanjaro Safaris takes you on a journey through an expansive wildlife reserve. You’ll encounter live animals in their natural habitats. From magnificent elephants to majestic lions, this safari offers an up-close and personal experience. (last trip we got held up by some cheeky giraffes who weren’t for moving!) Since the number of guests per safari truck is limited, Genie+ allows you to secure a specific time slot and skip the regular standby queue.

3) Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain: (44in – 112cm)

One of our absolute favourite Disney roller coasters at this park! Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure as you embark on a high-speed train expedition to the Himalayas. Expedition Everest combines breath taking scenery of Walt Disney World, heart-pounding drops, and an encounter with the mysterious Yeti. This roller coaster offers an immersive experience, and with its popularity among guests, using a Fastpass will save you valuable waiting time, allowing you to enjoy more of what Animal Kingdom has to offer. If you struggle to get a fast pass for this ride, the single rider line might be the best way for you if you don’t mind your party splitting up. 

4) Kali River Rapids: (38in – 97cm)

Escape the Florida heat and cool off on Kali River Rapids. This water ride takes you on a thrilling journey through lush jungles and treacherous rapids. Be prepared to get wet as you spin, twist, and splash your way through this raging river. Genie+ is highly recommended for this attraction, as it can have long wait times, especially during hot summer days. Animal Kingdom always seems to feel 10x hotter than it is due to vegetation and humidity in the park!

5) DINOSAUR (40in – 90cm)

Travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs on this intense dark ride through the prehistoric world. DINOSAUR combines a thrilling storyline, stunning audio-visual effects, and animatronic dinosaurs that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It’s a little scary with some loud noises but it’s great fun! With its popularity among both kids and adults, securing a Fastpass for DINOSAUR will ensure that you don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure.

Best rides to Fastpass at Animal Kingdom for Younger Kids or Those that aren’t keen on thrill rides

Remember theres other options for younger kids if the above rides are unsuitable. You can still use your Genie+ selections to avoid the longest standby line. Na’vi river journey in Pandora is a great option for small children as there is no height requirement for this slow-moving boat ride through the world of Avatar. The effects on this ride are breath-taking and really immerse you in the environment. However, if Flight of Passage is busy, Na’vi River Journey will offer a shorter wait time and a lot of guests will take advantage of this! 

​Passing time whilst waiting for your Genie+

If you’re waiting for your next selection, there are a lot of shows which are a good idea to help pass the time. Both Festival of the Lion King and the Finding Nemo show have large theatres which take a lot of guests so personally I wouldn’t worry too much about using a Genie+ selection on these unless you’ve struggled getting a place using the standby lane. Rafiki’s planet watch also needs a special mention as we’ve spent some of the best time there. Taking the wildlife express train is an adventure in itself, and young children will love the petting zoo getting up close and personal with the animals! 

Conclusion – Best rides to Fastpass at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is home to a wide array of immersive and exciting attractions that are sure to captivate visitors of all ages. By strategically selecting Fastpasses for the top rides, you can make the most of your time at the park, avoiding long wait times on busy days and experiencing more adventures. Avatar Flight of Passage, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, and DINOSAUR are among the best rides to consider when choosing your Fastpass reservations. Remember to plan ahead, arrive early, and make the most of your magical journey through the animal kingdom by selecting the best rides to fastpass at Animal Kingdom! 

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